Forex VPS Kansas City

Our lightning-fast servers are optimized for low latency and high reliability, ensuring that you have a stable and secure trading environment.

Choose the right plan for your big plans.

Whether you’re building one high performance site or an army of them, our plans flex to your needs.

2 vCPU (3.46GHz)
32,99$ 19.99$/mo 39% DISCOUNT
4 vCPU (3.46GHz)
160 GB SSD
69,99$ 39.99$/mo 43% DISCOUNT
8 vCPU (3.46GHz)
320 GB SSD
139,99$ 69.99$/mo 50% DISCOUNT
16 vCPU (3.46GHz)
640 GB SSD
299,99$ 149.99/mo 50% DISCOUNT
64+ GB RAM
16+ vCPU
640+ GB SSD

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Features Included with Forex VPS

Standard Features with Forex VPS

SSD Disk Drives

We only use SSD in all our Plans. We do not use Sata or Hybrid Disks

300 Mb/s Network

We offer a Minimum 300 Mbps Network on our Forex VPS Plans

Dedicated IP

A dedicated ip address is provided free of charge on all our plans

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Well, we've got answers.

A virtual private server, also known as VPS, is a very powerful tool for Forex trading. It is a web hosting, which utilizes a data center to allow traders, various businesses and companies to trust their livelihood to a safer, more reliable, remote computer. With a direct ISP connection to their virtual private server, traders use better hardware to better control their trading operations, without any interruptions. Shared hosting allows to place a website or utilize a trading software on your VPS, while it also suffices the needs of other clients. A VPS provider charges the consumers a monthly fee for a virtual private server, this way covering the costs and expenses of the server. A VPS differs from shared hosting in that you do not share your designated resources with other users, because every individual receives a separate, partitioned part of the server with its storage, RAM, and an operating system. The cost of a virtual private can differ depending on the specifications offered.

For an experienced trader on Forex, technological limitations often limit the amount of profit they can earn. A VPS allows you to trade 24/7, without any interruptions, utilize a high-speed internet, and even completely automate your trades, by designing an algorithm, which reflects your trading strategy. You have access to your VPS from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. This incredible flexibility allows you to check and monitor your trades from any location. Because your virtual private server is in a different location, your automated trades will continue even during a power outage, which is the main flaw of a fully automated trading system based in your home. You can even completely separate yourself from technology, and your trades will continue to be executed. For more successful traders, the security of their trades is a major concern. A VPS has an extremely high level of security. Even the hardware of the server is constantly being checked to guarantee the highest level of functionality and security. Clients can also use various protective software to ensure maximum security. Significantly superior hardware of a VPS is much faster at executing your requests, reducing any dangerous delay, which can result in a significant loss of potential profit.

Totally, since you're the only one with the key administrator. VMware technology creates individual virtual machines, unlike the VPS, do not share the base operating system. This provides a safe environment and allows access only to your virtual machine.

According to the stock status, the order is activated between 15 and 120 minutes. If the delivery period lasts longer, your service period is added +1 day.

Sorry, we cannot offer a console for VMware virtual servers yet. However, very soon the console access will be activated. Our work on this subject continues.

Because there is no console and reinstall panel for VMware virtual servers, just send us a support request in such cases. As soon as possible, our technical team will re-install.

The network speed given on the servers is 1gbit /s Unlimited. The specified network speeds may vary depending on the distance between the location of your country and the server location.